NapoliMovieTour: a mobile App to discover the movie world of Naples

Published in Focus
09 June 2015

If you love cinema or you just want to go in search of lesser-known corners of Naples, let yourself be guided by the mobile app NapoliMovieTour. The app will accompany you on the discovery of the sets of movies filmed in Naples. By selecting movies and/or locations, you can easily build your tailor-made itineraries, uncovering what movies were filmed in the place where you are, or in what places the movies you love were set. Thanks to NapoliMovieTour you can choose the sites that you want to visit according to your interests and your needs. But, above all, you can relive the emotions linked to your favourite movies while being in the exact place where they were shot. In fact, each location includes a photo gallery, brief descriptions of the movie, even videos that reproduce portions of the movies. So you can relive the scenes that have remained etched in your memory in the exact places in which directors and actors have immortalized them with their sensitivity and creativity. The app uses Augmented Reality functionality: exploring the surrounding space with the camera, you can individualize points of interest and open content information associated with them. What’s more, it's integrated with beacon technology: an advanced notification system that uses sensors located at points of interest to transmit data to your device. The device can "talk" with the points of interest and send you information in real time, alerting you when you are in the vicinity of the movie sets. Dedicated to director Francesco Rosi, it is designed to create personalized tourist itineraries associated with the sets of films shot in Naples.