Sport Facilities

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20 October 2015

For the most part, sport in Naples means football.

We therefore feel it incumbent upon ourselves to start our trip from the San Paolo Stadium, which hosts the home matches of the city’s team, i.e. Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli. The third largest stadium in Italy in terms of capacity, after San Siro in Milan and the Olimpico in Rome, San Paolo is located in the Fuorigrotta district (piazzale Tecchio. T: 0815095344). Boasting an 8-lane athletic track, three multi-functional gyms, facilities for boxing, fitness, wrestling and oriental martial arts, San Paolo is the city’s main sports centre.

Since 2006, the official headquarters of Napoli have been based at the Castel Volturno sports centre, located roughly 30 minutes from Naples. The complex includes 3 grass football pitches, a medical centre, a conference space, a  video room and a space selling merchandise.

Swimming is also a traditional Neapolitan sport. The ‘F. Scandone’ Olympic Swimming Pool, also located in Fuorigrotta (Viale Giochi del Mediterraneo. T: 0815702636), is designed to accomodate up to 1,200 spectators and hosts the home matches of the city’s two major teams, the Posillipo and the Canottieri Napoli, ranked among the best swimming teams in the world.

The ideal place for basket ball enthusiasts is the PalaBarbuto Sports Complex, also located in Fuorigrotta (Viale Giochi del Mediterraneo. T: 0817622198). Boasting a capacity of roughly 4,000 seats, it is here that basket ball team, Azzurro Napoli Basket 2013, plays its home matches.  

Box: How to reach  

By train: Ferrovie dello Stato (Stazione Napoli Campi Flegrei); Ferrovia Cumana (Mostra stop); Metro Line 6 (Mostra stop); Metro Line 2 ( Campi Flegrei stop).

By car: Tangenziale (Fuorigrotta exit).

By bus: from the Stazione Centrale, take bus no. 152 in the  direction of Piazzale Tecchio; from the Capodichino Airport, take the Alibus Service as far as piazza Garibaldi and then Metro Line 2. 

Well-equipped communal spaces where you can play sports include the Arturo Collana Sports Centre in Vomero (via Ribera. T: 0815600907), the second largest stadium in the city in terms of capacity. On-site facilities include a football pitch with bleachers designed to accommodate up to 3,500 spectators, an athletic track, a swimming pool and several gyms, including the most renowned, namely the one devoted to Martial Arts. The complex also houses a screening room, a skating rink and a weights facility. Soccer matches, American Football and 15-player rugby matches are also held here.

The Virgiliano Sports Centre in Posillipo (T: 0815754330) is also a publicly-owned complex featuring an athletic track and bleachers boasting a 1,000 spectator capacity.

Among the city’s private gyms, one of the best-known is Virgin in via Corrado Barbagallo, in Fuorigrotta. The gym, equipped with 200 workout machines, also has a swimming pool, a wellness centre with a Whirlpool, a Turkish bath and saunas.  

Situated in viale Dohrn, just behind the Villa Comunale, the best and most prestigious place to play tennis is Tennis Club Napoli (T: 0817614656). On-site amenities include 6 clay courts, two gyms, a sauna and several attractive spaces for social events and receptions.

Another prestigious complex is the Circolo Canottieri Napoli, one of Italy’s most renowned yacht clubs (Via Molosiglio. T: 0815512331). Extending over a surface area of 7,000 sq.m. it is one of the largest in the city. On-site amenities include bridge, canoeing, speedboat racing, swimming, water polo, rescue courses,tennis, triathlon and yachting. The Club also organizes numerous regattas.


Box: Where to buy

Nike Store Napoli. Via Scarlatti, 102, Naples. T: 0813723346

Adidas. Via Scarlatti, 180, Naples. T: 0815582114; Via Toledo, 249/250, Naples. T: 0814177117

Cisalfa.Via Scarlatti, 80/100, Naples. T. 0815562187

Mida sport. Via Atelllana 46, Arzano, Naples T: 0815730383 www.midasport.it 

Decathlon. Via S. Francesco a Patria, 428, Giugliano in Campania, Naples. T: 0818181671; Zona Commerciale San Salvatore, Casoria, Naples. T: 0815842034