Naples meets Vienna with Di Meo's calendar

Published in Focus
24 November 2016

In twelve photo shots the bond between our city and the capital of the Asburg Empire. Thanks to the initiative of Generoso Di Meo and his cultural association 'Di Meo Vini ad Arte'.  

Vienna will be the chosen city starring of Di Meo's Calendar 2017. An appointment that has become a tradition, born fifteen years ago by the inventiveness of Generoso Di Meo, gynecologist of Salza Irpina with a passion for music and art.

It all began in this village in the province of Avellino where the headquarters of the Azienda Agricola Di Meo, owned by Generoso and Roberto brothers. Of the two, the enologist is Roberto, while Generoso takes care of the company business expansion in Italy and abroad. Their idea is to preserve the ancient vineyards of the area and enhance the Irpinia wines. But wine is also culture. And so Generoso Di Meo created a cultural association to export abroad the extraordinary Neapolitan tradition. Hence the calendar, alongside the other activities organized by the territory.

Over the years, the Di Meo calendar has reached many cities: London, Berlin, Marrakech, Madrid, New York, Paris, but also Pompeii and Palermo. This year's edition has as its protagonist Vienna.

In twelve shots, the photographer Massimo Listri shows the capital of the Habsburg Empire and its ties with Napoli immortalizing palaces, churches and  Vienna's museums containing masterpieces of Neapolitan artists of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries. The calendar, like every year, is accompanied by an introduction of the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi and the historical contributions of art critics famous all over the world, as Nicola Spinosa, Sebastian Schutze, Wolfgang Prohaska, Dinko Fabris, Elisabeth Garms and Cornides Jorg Garms explain how the main Baroque art piece were transferred from Naples to Austrian collections. A trip not to be missed.

How did  the idea of ​​the calendar come up?

By chance. A photographer friend of mine asked me for a photo of my wine to be combined along a piece of art  that was being treated, and at that moment I had the idea to ask all of my photographer friends a picture of a bottle of my wine collocated in their fields, fashion, art, film, etc. An interpretation of my wine matched to the culture. The first calendar was born so.

What does it represent for you this initiative?

My very personal way to spend the year! There is no a marketing idea behind it. Every year I choose a city and I spend some time there. I work hard to get to know it, I meet people, I get into their homes, I deepen the history of the city. It's fun. I choose the cities because I feel them deeply. And then I look for links with Naples, to tell our territory and our heritage abroad.

You are native of Irpinia. What is your link with Naples?

I believe that a city so extraordinary is not easily found. And I can say so, since I travelled much around the world. Of course, there are many problems within, but it is an extraordinary city. Despite my Irpinia origins, I have always considered Naples my reference city. I discovered it as a boy while I was studying, every Thursday a jesuit friend took me round to visit the hidden corners of the city, especially the churches. That's how I fell in love with it. I'm crazy about Napoli: still manages to give me emotions.