3D Planetarium

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31 March 2017

At Città della Scienza the biggest and most advanced 3D Planetarium in Italy. With a 20 meter diameter and 120 seats. To discover the great secrets of the universe. Upside down

Finally, Naples also has its new, large Planetarium. It was opened on March 19th, at Città della Scienza, the most technologically advanced 3D Planetarium of Italy.

After the extraordinary success of Corporea, the museum of the human body that has quickly become one of the main attractions for families and tourists, with the Planetarium, the success of Città della Scienza will surely touch new heights, presenting an offer suitable for visitors of all age.

The structure works like a modern 3D cinema, with spectacular films that allow visitors to travel through the mysteries of the universe but also through history and the past and that will allow you to discover the wonders of the human body, of nature, and archeology.

In addition, the Planetarium – thanks to the skillful collaboration of astronomers and researchers – offers shows and movies, both live and recorded, with which you will be immersed in a night sky, discovering the celestial bodies like ancient Greek astronomers, or as if we were in a huge contemporary telescope, retracing space missions, following the travels of probes and spacecraft that have explored the solar system, or even exploring the dark matter to understand why the universe is as it appears, where we come from, and how it has evolved over billions of years. In addition, the staff will organize events – especially during pleasant summer evenings – to observe the sky through a telescope, a truly fascinating scientific activity!

The new Planetarium has a 20 meter diameter, 120 seats, and one of the most advanced projection technologies in the world. The latest generation 3D projection system – a Digistar 6 of the American company Evans & Sutherland – the special position of the dome and the use of 3D glasses, guarantee a full involvement of the spectator, also thanks to the special acoustics which can offer the audience a unique and enveloping spectacle of the universe.

In short, in Città della Scienza a new piece is added that makes it even more fascinating and fun to approach the wonders of science, allowing everyone to spend a fun and educational day, with many services to make the stay pleasant for visitors of all ages.

The 3D planetarium will have a rich program, with shows every 45 minutes, and will be open weekdays from 9am to 5pm and from 10am to 18pm during weekends and holidays. You can buy a combined ticket that also allows you to visit the science museum, with all its exhibits and interactive workshops. Finally, you can rent the 3D Planetarium room also to hold special events, such as conventions, parties, weddings, and other celebrations.


Città della Scienza. Via Coroglio, 57/104, Naples. T: 0817352220 or 0817352222 

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