The Botanical Garden of Naples

Published in Focus
01 March 2018

A green corner where enjoy an unusual walk interrupting the hectic city life. An evocative botanical collection of rare species makes this oasis almost a museum


A large garden in the heart of Naples, close to the noisy Via Foria, full of life, traffic and Neapolitan liveliness. Here you enter to take a break from the hectic city life for an amazing visit.

We are in the garden of the Botanical Garden of Naples, a very special historical, study and research place, belonging to the University of Naples Federico II. Here the plants are analyzed, observed, studied, experimented, and perhaps even listened to as they multiply and resist over time.

It is since 1807 that this wide area has been under observance, and has seen scholars research the powers of natural medicine, but also ensure the spread and multiplication of exotic plants in a Mediterranean climate.

Collecting and studying rare species, or threatened with extinction, is the flagship of this place of culture, whose scholars are also involved in international scientific events, but especially in the promotion of knowledge of the botanical collection with numerous educational activities and wide dissemination.

Beyond the recognized and undisputed scientific prestige of the place and its scholars, this is also a beautiful garden, full of an evocative botanical collection that creates the opportunity for a walk really out of the ordinary.

In the Neapolitan Garden collections of increasingly rare plants are kept in their natural environments, like the Cycadales and tree ferns, and endemic species living in Campania are cultivated, such as the Kochia saxicola and the Primula palinuri, or species which have disappeared. All these botanical varieties are arranged in a very orderly manner, also allowing space for apparently more spontaneous and "landscape" structures.

You can then proceed to a walk in the central avenue, observing on the right and on the left, groups of camellias as well as groups of palms, distinguishing the differences, the specificities and the great beauty of each variety. We realize, with immense amazement, that we are observing a real collection, like that of a museum, only here it is made up of plants.

Every year, in May, the Botanical Garden welcomes "Planta, the garden and beyond": a market exhibition of spontaneous and cultivated plants, exclusive seeds, botanical rarities and exotic essences (4-5-6 May 2018). A very popular and unmissable appointment for plant and garden lovers. In those days, in the large lawn beds, there are many demonstrations of sporting and meditative activities, all aimed at the psychophysical well-being of adults and children.

To find out more: www.ortobotaniconapoli.it