Chatbot lands in Capodichino Airport

Published in Focus
01 March 2018

Technology will allow you to get information on airport services

The Naples Capodichino International Airport is the first airport in Italy to provide passengers with national and international flights with the innovative Chatbot technology, developed by the Zoro.ai start-up and optimized by the Digital area of ​​Gesac. Thanks to it, travelers can access quickly and easily to many services related to the airport, the trip but also to the Neapolitan territory. They will be able to receive information on their flight, on the controls, on the safety rules, or discover the services available outside and inside the airport, with information on shops and restaurants, transport and parking.

Unlike the classic airport chatbots, the airport of Naples is also a real Tourist Assistant that accompanies travelers to discover the city and the territory, with the ability to receive tourist information through research and geo-location.

The chatbot, integrated with the airport systems, is born on Facebook but can soon be extended to other platforms. For now in Italian, it will soon be available in English to meet the needs of international travelers.

Chatbot is a real virtual assistant, ready to satisfy organizational and informative requests and to accompany tourists in discovering the beauties of Naples. An ambitious project for Naples Airport, which once again demonstrates its desire to invest in innovation and in the quality of service offered to its users.

The Chatbot for the Naples airport is one of the first examples of conversational interfaces entirely custom and integrated with the IT systems of the airport and, for tourist information, with the database of the Consortium Glossa "Campania CRBC", created in collaboration with the Ministry for Cultural Assets and Activities and the Campania Region.