“La Fabbrica" in Salerno

Published in Focus
30 March 2018

Great expectations, in Salerno, for the first multi-purpose sports, commercial and entertainment center in Italy! Some anticipation in the interview with its president, Giuseppe Lettieri


How was the idea of ​​La Fabbrica born?

The idea was born 5 years ago, but was refined with time, during the construction works. We wanted to create something unique in Italy: an aggregation center for families, with a complete range of services and activities. In our center you can come every day and do your favorite activities: shopping, entertainment, sport and wellness.

What stood in place of La Fabbrica before?

An industrial complex dedicated to the production of photovoltaic panels, partly unused. This is an area of ​​100 thousand square meters now completely renovated, through a private investment of 40 million euros. Everything has been reconverted with careful attention to minimizing environmental impact.

What services will the Factory offer?

The Factory will have three great souls: sports, entertainment and shopping, which will flow into the large food area. For sport there will be the most innovative Virgin Active center in Europe (gym, spa, fitness rooms, 2 swimming pools and paddle courts), the Olympic Salerno football school, basketball and skate park. For entertainment, an indoor electric go-kart track, a bowling alley, a 1000sqm children's playground and a large dog park for our 4-legged friends.

What about shopping?

The Galleria Commerciale will host about 60 stores: original names not present in the Salerno area, from clothing to electronics to hypermarkets. Alongside them, selected businesses will offer customers something new compared to the usual offer. In the food area, for example, there will be a wide range of organic and steam cooking products, in line with La Fabbrica's sports and wellness activities.

There will also be a Food Court ...

Yes. An area of ​​about 1,500 square meters with a 80 square meter video screen set up along the entire wall: the largest in Italy. It will be a space for events, concerts, shows, film clubs and all sorts of entertainment for families. The food square will bring together the three souls of the Center.

Can you tell us about the Fitness & Wellness Club?

Virgin Active, the world leader in fitness, will take care of it all. It is the most innovative project in Europe, which they called 5.0: the club will be equipped with everything necessary for physical and mental well-being, with Technogym machines at the forefront of exclusivity. For us it is an honor to host, for the first time in Salerno, such an important company, which has opened 34 clubs in Italy unique in beauty, quality and professionalism.

What advantages will the Fabbrica bring to the territory?

In terms of urban development, services, job growth, it will play a primary role within the city, which is increasingly expanding. It’s one of the most important private works developed in Salerno in the last decades. We are talking about redeveloping a depressed area, offering citizens services that do not exist today and above all allocating around 650 new jobs for young people!

Definitely a good reason to plan a trip to Naples, in light of the grand opening. Stay tuned!