Siamo arrivati

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07 July 2017

Solo exhibition by the American artist Wade Guyton at Museo Madre  

At the center of his works the state and impact of the production and circulation of digital images.

The first solo exhibitionby Wade Guyton in an Italian public institution. Since the beginning of 2000s, the artist, one of the most prominent among American artists of the latest generation at international level, through his works investigates the state and impact of the production and circulation of digital images, representing the potential forms they can take and the specific sensitivities and unpublished languages ​​that they outline in their globalized transmission.

With the use of inkjet printers, Guyton brings back on canvas or other materials, a series of images, signs or recurring patterns previously processed by programs such as Photoshop or Word. The relationship between unanticipated overlaps, mechanical errors, and discrepancies at the time of printing - that the use of these tools implies - allows the artist to highlight the conflicts of digital expression, making us reflect on the conditional nature of his visualization made through the analogue instruments of visual arts.

The works by Guyton for the Madre exhibition are the result of his stay in Naples with the members of his team. Distributed on the Madre Museum’s third floor, they transform the authority of the museum's space into a hospitable daily work place, in a malleable architectural loop.

In this way Guyton reinterprets both the classic historical and artistic theme of the "studio" as well as the possible appeal of the tradition of the Journey to Italy or the Grand Tour: from which the ironic and self-deprecating plural of the title of the exhibition, “SIAMO ARRIVATI” derives, which quotes the slogan adopted by McDonald for the recent opening of its stores in Naples.

Until 11 September

Museo Madre. Via Settembrini, 79, Naples. T: 08119313016 www.madrenapoli.it