Darren Bader

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16 October 2017

The Madre Museum hosts Darren Bader’s solo exhibition, a collection of works which links all components of the art system, from his works to the guests, through experimentation

The first solo exhibition in an Italian public institution by Darren Bader, one of the most experimental international artists of the last generations. @mided_oud is a game of words that could derive from reading the artist's email address backwards and which proposes an absurd synesthesia between the name of an oriental essence, the allusion to the ending of an artistic movement, and the apparent creation of a potential palindrome.

Bader's artistic practice is to put together different elements - consumer goods, words, images, animals, people - that generate relationships that are both concrete and imaginary, real and false. As Luca Lo Pinto writes, in the artist's book accompanying the exhibition, Bader “does not create, he edits. He does not produce, he selects. He doesn’t represent, he shows”, that is, he adds new levels of understanding to works, objects and artistic descriptions (possible or often impossible) and makes it a special artistic practice, whose meaning lies in the calibrated inclusion of all the components of the art: work, artist, gallery artist, collector, exhibitor visitor, reader of texts of art. According to Bader, the sharing of all actors, along with the inclusion of factors and cues from the media that are ubiquitous, increase the value of art at the time of a shared economy.  

Starting with the title, with the "@" and parentheses, Bader establishes a purely digital perspective of sense and experience of the exhibition, which physically disperses and integrates with the museum's guided visit of the artist’s collection to express an elliptical point of view, dense with ironic ideas and language games about individual works, about the statute of the collection, and about contemporary museum identity.

From 14 October to 2 April 2018

Museo Madre. Via Settembrini, 79, Naples. T: 08119313016 www.madrenapoli.it