Five artists for Thomas Dane at Villa Ruffo

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01 March 2018

On the occasion of the inauguration of his new exhibition space, the English gallery owner hosts five series of works that, literally and allegorically, draw inspiration from Naples

Thomas Dane inaugurates his new gallery at Villa Ruffo with an exhibition featuring five artists whose works are inspired by Naples: Bruce Conner, Steve McQueen, Catherine Opie, Caragh Thuring and Kelley Walker.

With 'Easter Morning', Bruce Conner digitizes and extends his film in 8mm, manipulating the frame rate to create a dizzying optical effect. The results are close-ups of images almost disconnected (plants, a naked woman, the view from a window, an Arab carpet, a burning candle) that evoke a dreamy atmosphere.

In the film 'Running Thunder' by Steve McQueen, in 16 mm, there is a horse lying on a green lawn that sways in the wind. A fly rests on his open eye and the horse does not react. A still image that leads us to reflect on time and mortality and on the possibilities of transcending death through the film.

Catherine Opie exhibits an extraordinary sequence of photos that explore gender and identity through the study of friends belonging to the leather community of the West Coast, which is characterized by the use of the body as a site for sexual and aesthetic experimenting.

Caragh Thuring often uses a recurring motif in his works, the volcano, to create the two Day and Night paintings, which differ in style and technique: Day leaves large spaces with empty lines that express the serenity and harmony of a Japanese drawing of the nineteenth century; Night is an energetic explosion of drama and color.

Kelley Walker takes up the historical poster of the exhibition by Andy Warhol and Joseph Beuys in the gallery of Lucio Amelio in 1980, digitally reworking the image depicting the two artists side by side with the lions of Piazza dei Martiri re-emerging tales of both local and personal history, which have stayed motionless over time.

Until 24 March

Thomas Dane Gallery. Via Francesco Crispi, 69, Naples. T: 081 18920545 www.thomasdanegallery.com  

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