Ask Your Concierge - Domenico Iacono

Published in People
03 April 2017

An interview with Domenico Iacono, Chief Concierge at the Parco Smeraldo Terme in Ischia and a member of the Golden Keys Association of Hotel Concierges in Campania.


What is the strangest request you have ever received from a guest?

A guest once fell in love with a stray dog found on the island and decided to adopt it. When he got back home in Germany, it was my job to organize this very special expatriation.


Which nationality guests do you prefer?

Guests are sacred and, as our Greek origins teach us, they don’t belong to a nation but to the world. Every guest we come in contact with gives us so much.


In general, what do you suggest visiting in Ischia?

I recommend them to take a tour of the island to appreciate the variety of landscapes and break the ice, then a visit to the Aragonese Castle, a walk in the Giardini la Mortella and Villa Ravino and a day in our SPA.


How is Ischia during the summer?

Colorful and sunny, full of life but also a calm where you can relax: the sea, the beach, the spa or discovering the hidden island.


What about during the winter?

During winter the island is dressed in different colors, and the pace is slower. Even during gloomy days, though, the sun ends up peeping out. Someone once said that the sun spends its winters in Ischia.