Ask your concierge - Antonio Ferrara

Published in People
06 September 2017

An interview with Antonio Ferrara, Chief Concierge at the Palazzo Avino in Ravello and member of the Golden Keys Association of Hotel Concierges in Campania.

Is becoming a concierge simply a job or a calling?

A calling but also a mission. You have to be hospitable and know how to listen. We are a bit like ambassadors of the territory: we must be able to know and suggest all its beauties and its hidden corners.

What is the most interesting part about your job?

Being in contact with people. We deal with people coming from every corner of the planet, often with diametrically opposite traditions and cultures, but here we do not argue: the hotel becomes a small oasis of peace. It would be great if the world could become one big hotel.

What is the strangest request you ever received from a guest?

Once I organized a flash wedding for an American couple. I found an interpreter and the housekeeper and I were the witnesses. In the evening, they lied in the Jacuzzi we had on the 4th floor terrace. After ten years they came back to visit me, still together and married.

A reason for visiting Ravello during the summer?

Ravello is a small happy island that retains 60% of the coast's artistic and historic heritage, several nature walks, and a program of concerts covering the entire summer season.

What is the main characteristic of Palazzo Avino? 

Service, attention to detail. It makes you feel at home, even though you are far from home.