The man who measures clouds: anthem to the ability to dream

Published in Art
06 September 2017

At the Madre Museum, the work of Belgian artist Jan Fabre. An invitation to transcend time and space through imagination

The Madre Museum terrace hosts the iconic work of Belgian artist Jan Fabre, 'The man who measures the clouds’. Inserted into the ongoing training project of the contemporary art museum collection, 'Per_formare una collezione', the work is an anthem to the ability to keep dreaming, to transcend time and space through imagination and is inspired by an affirmation that ornithologist Robert Stroud pronounced when being released from the Alcatraz prison, stating that he would henceforth devote himself to "measuring clouds". The sculpture is also a tribute to the artist’s younger brother, a dreamer who died prematurely.

The man who measures clouds (American version, 18 years older) returns to Naples, in this version, after the 2008 exhibition in Piazza del Plebiscito where it was set up along with other works in the project “The boy with the moon and stars on his head”, edited by Eduardo Cicelyn and Mario Codognato: a gallery of self-portrait, bronze sculptures, in natural size, in which each character-sculpture played a role in relation to the imaginary of the city.

Until 19 December

Museo Madre. Via Luigi Settembrini, 79, Naples. T: 08119313016 www.madrenapoli.it