Geometry of the 1970’s

Published in Art
16 October 2017

Logical and poetic, programmed and casual. The title of Betty Danon's solo exhibition borrows one of the poetic declarations that the artist wrote in 1974 and well explains her creative path, centered on dialogue and synergy between opposites, between the defined element of the geometric form and the imponderable one to which every spiritual quest tends.

Born in Istanbul but gained her artistic experience in Milan, the artist explored the relationship between sounds and signs, conceptual art and visual poetry.

The exhibition includes works related to the initial period of her artistic production, the precise collages of Yin and Yang, the Sky Windows and the paintings, covering a period ranging from 1969 to 1973.

The idea of collages was born by chance, to decorate her husband's new office with works: without knowing how paint, the artist decided, alternatively, to make carvings with paper. At the time Betty Danon was following Jungian therapy, and Carl Gustav Jung's teachings became the central element of this production. "Man and His Symbols" is a fundamental text for understanding Betty Danon's work and will accompany her path for the entire span of her life’s work.

Beki Aluf was born in Istanbul in 1927. In the Turkish metropolis she meets her future husband, Italian born in Turkey. In 1956 she moved to Milan where she attained Italian nationality and legally changed her name to Betty Danon. More than 15 solo exhibitions have been dedicated to her.

The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Betty Danon Archive of Osnago, Milan.

Until 25 November

Tiziana Di Caro Gallery. Piazzetta Nilo, 7, Naples. T: 0815525526 www.tizianadicaro.it