2017 May Calendar

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01 September 2016

Monday 1 – FAIRS: Comicon. Mostra d’Oltremare, Naples

Tuesday 2 – OPERA: La Traviata. Teatro San Carlo, Naples

Wednesday 3 – ART: Inmensa Luz. Instituto Cervantes, Naples

Thursday 4 – ART: Dream Rooms. Galleria Umberto Di Marino, Naples

Friday 5 – FAIRS: Wine and The City. Widespread and itinerant review, Naples

Saturday 6 – MUSIC: Pat Metheny in concert. Teatro Augusteo, Naples

Sunday 7 – CONCERT: Alexander Briger / Piotr Anderszewski. Teatro San Carlo, Naples

Monday 8 – MUSIC: Gianluca Grignani in concert. Teatro Cilea, Naples

Tuesday 9 – ART: We Live. Solo exhibition by Roberta Basile. Spazio Kromia, Naples

Wednesday 10 – ART: In-Taglio. Collective exhibition. Villa di Donato, Naples

Thursday 11 – FAIRS: Wandering around trails. Trekking and hiking paths. Ischia

Friday 12 – ART: Totò Tappost. Renaissance Naples Hotel Mediterraneo, Naples

Saturday 13 – ART: Art in Sant’Eligio and piazza Mercato, Naples

Sunday 14 – FAIRS: Naples Bike Festival. Mostra d’Oltremare, Naples

Monday 15 – BALLET: Alice in Wonderland. Teatro San Carlo, Naples

Tuesday 16 – MUSIC: Francesco Renga in concert. Palapartenope, Naples

Wednesday 17 – ART: The Shower. Tadashi Kawamata. Made in Cloister, Naples

Thursday 18 – CONCERT: Michele Mariotti / Eleonora Buratti. Teatro San Carlo, Naples

Friday 19 – MUSIC: Damien Rice in concert. Teatro Acacia, Naples

Saturday 20 – ART: In a certain way, infinite. Galleria Nicola Pedana, Naples

Sunday 21 – ART: Hidden Trasures. Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore alla Pietrasanta, Naples

Monday 22 – ART: Provocations and correspondences. Fondazione Plart, Napoli

Tuesday 23 – ART: Mgf. The veiled mummer. Spazio Comunale Forcella Vecchia, Naples

Wednesday 24 – ART: Kokocinski. National Archaeological Museum, Naples

Thursday 25 – ART: Voyages without a destination. Studio Trisorio, Naples

Friday 26 – MUSIC: Benji & Fede in concert. Casa della Musica, Naples

Saturday 27 – MUSIC: Rosario Miraggio in concert. Arena Flegrea, Naples

Sunday 28 – ART: Mitoraj. Exhibition dedicated to Igor Mitoraj. Scavi di Pompei 

Monday 29 – ART: Picasso and other travelers. Space Marte, Cava de’Tirreni

Tuesday 30 – ART: Photographs. Exhibition dedicated to Helmut Netwon. Pan, Naples

Wednesday 31 – ART: Picasso and Naples: Parade. Museo di Capodimonte, Naples

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