Woods And Forests In Campania

Published in Out of Town
25 November 2016

More than a third of Campania's territory is characterized by the presence of  forest. Where will take you for a tour to the discovery of about 5500 hectares of forests managed by the Campania Region Office.

Generally  you think of Campania as a sea region, for the beauty of our coast. In reality, more than a third of Campania's region is characterized by the presence of forest! About 5,500 hectares of the total area of ​​Campania forests are managed by the Campania Region Office. Different kinds of woods together, but all of incomparable beauty. Visiting these places is an unforgettable experience.

Let’s start from the province of Avellino with the Foresta Mezzana, in the town of Monteverde Irpino. The forest pines that populate this area cross the river Ofanto: a charming place where, sitting among the leaves, you can hear the water running and see cormorans while wetting their feathers. It is an uncontaminated forest, which does not have picnic areas. A paradise for trekkers accustomed to hard routes and bird watching.

Let's move in Benevento, in the forest of the Taburno, which extends through the towns of Bonea, Bucciano and Tocco Caudio. An area rich in mushrooms and truffles home to wild boar, foxes and badgers and, in winter, even wolves. A very hospitable place for families, but also ideal for birdwatching and hiking, with paths of various difficulty, passing by hermitages and picturesque ruins.

In the province of Caserta there is an entire forest of cypresses: Fontegreca. 70 hectares between the Forest of Zappini and the Sava river, full of waterfalls and small rapids, with several picnic areas equipped.

In the province of Naples we suggest  Cuma forest, between the towns of Bacoli and Pozzuoli. A narrow green band that divides the ancient archaeological site of Cuma from the beach. It is a unique environment in Italy. The forest becomes magical in late Spring nights, when the sky is fully lit up by small swarms of bright fireflies.

Roccarainola's forest, in the homonymous town, spreads over 950 hectares. It is hospitable and has welcoming area for families and, at the same time, is wild and untouched for lovers of trekking, bird watching and mountain biking.

It’s in the province of Salerno that there is the largest concentration of forests. Calvello's forest, for example, in the municipality of Campagna: the access is not easy, but the walk is charming and well advised for pro-trekkers

The woods of Persano, in the municipality of Serre, consists of two separate large green belts between them. Very particular the climbing plants that draw strange pictures on tree trunks giving a touch of fairy tale.

The Cuponi forest, in the town of Sala Consilina, provides an environment where several species of bats live, quite spooky at times.

Still in Sala Consilina, there is also the Mandria's forest. Less rugged than the last, it is rich in streams and springs. Ideal for walks along the banks of streams and uphill trekking, it is rich in herbs: sage, oregano and other species form a beautiful and fragrant garden.

The Vesolo forest is located within the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, in the municipality of Sanza. Here, in winter, the snow and the cold transform the treetops in a sort of ice embroidery; the summer, however, all goes green allover.

The Cerreta-Cognole forest, almost bordering the forest of Vesolo, is one of the most interesting forests of southern Italy for  the life threatened species  that are preserved here. It covers 830 hectares and offers various options  walks for families, trekkers and bikers.