Salerno and its Marine Station by Zaha Hadid

Published in Out of Town
02 March 2017

The Salerno Marine Station is celebrating its one year anniversary next April, one of the last works in Italy created by the Anglo-Iraqi star architect Zaha Hadid, who died of a heart attack a few days before the inauguration of her work: the month of March, dedicated to women, seemed like a good time to remember this extraordinary creation.

The structure, which looks like an oyster suspended between sky and sea, is spread over an area of 4500 square meters on two levels. With its hard outer shell and soft, fluid lines inside, and with the ceramic cover designed to represent a  shield of protection from the intense Mediterranean sun, the maritime station is almost a transition from land to sea, from solid to liquid, also from an aesthetic point of view. Located in the Manfredi dock, between the commercial port and the city's waterfront, the building is distributed on two levels and divided into three linked blocks: the administrative offices, the ferry terminal and the cruise ship terminal. At night, with its light, it’s almost a lighthouse to the ancient port.

In her life, Zaha Hahid was commissioned work all over the world, from Hong Kong to Germany to Azerbaijan. She designed the London Olympic Aquatic Centre and the Maxxi National Museum of XXI Century Arts, in Rome.

The name of the Anglo-Iraqi star architect is now also forever linked to Salerno, and her work fits perfectly into the beauty of the land on which it stands.

How to reach:

By plane: Naples Capodichino International Airport located 50 km away

By train: Salerno Station

By car: Highway A3 (Naples-Salerno-Reggio Calabria), exit Pontecagnano, direction Tangenziale or exit Salerno in via Porto towards the Alfonso Gatto pass.

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