Mirò and ICE: Design, Stylish Elegance, and Neapolitan Extrovert

Published in Shopping
07 July 2017

The two splendid design objects signed by the architect trend setter Maurizio Martiniello, creator of the kermesse NapoliModaDesign. Beauty and attention to detail for a new concept of space

Mirò is the name of the new armchair born from the encounter between the creative inspiration of the architect and Neapolitan designer Maurizio Martiniello and the fabrics of the renowned maison E. Marinella of Maurizio Marinella.

A perfect combination between avant-garde design and stylistic elegance, Mirò is inspired by nature: shapedlike a large flower with a soft, disclosed corolla, from which long, red petals hang, wrapping around those who sitin it like a big hug.

The use of jacquard fabric and attention to detail, all strictly handmade, are instead an expression of the marvelous maison Marinella tailor made work manship, an emblem of elegance in the world since 1914.

Glowingthrough its own light during day and night, the ICE, the fully-open mirrored dresser that can accommodate and support multiple objects that is also a creation by the architect Martiniello. Its design is born with the idea of ​​multiplying, curving, reflecting space, through a fluid line that tends to infinity. A design object within which objects take up a thousand different facets, with a three-dimensional declination that makes everything suspended, light and fluctuating.