L’Avventura di Latta

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06 September 2017

From an idea of Riccardo Dalisi, in the historical center of Naples, a laboratory where migrants work with poor metals to produce design objects. Excellence partners and so many successes.

From an idea of ​​the architect, designer and Compass of Gold to Career, Riccardo Dalisi, the Laboratory named ‘Avventura di latta’ (Tin Adventure) was born in Naples in 2014 as part of the Association Samb & Diop, in 188th Via dei Tribunali, in the Church of Santa Maria del Rifugio, at the Diocesan Missionary Center.

It employs about 10 African migrants, divided between political refugees and non-EU immigrants. The activities are directed by Marco Cecere and the artistic supervisor is Dalisi. In the laboratory, poor metals are used for the creation of design objects: jewelery, lamps, vases. The Laboratory has participated in several exhibitions and fairs, and has partners of excellence such as Gay Odin and E. Marinella Napoli.

In October 2014, the laboratory was protagonist of the Universal Forum of Cultures Naples and Campania 2013, winning with a project called "Culture in Flight": the creations of six tin lamps, a permanent urban lighting installation path set up in the last stretch of Via Tribunali, between Piazzetta Sedil Capuano and Castel Capuano, in the historic center of Naples (Unesco Heritage). The lamps are still well visible on the path.

Following the design of Marco Cerere, the migrants created: for the Christmas holidays of 2015 a sailing mast (4 meters high), for Easter 2016 the Vesuvius of Peace, for Christmas 2016 the Vesuvius with a comet. Artisan migrants are committed to the creation of many "jewelery" lines: pendants start at a contribution of € 20.00 each. Active collections are called Abbracci (Hugs), Cupido Scoccante (Amazing Cupid Love), (Hearts), Con Devozione (Devotion) (Madonna, San Gennaro, Sacred Heart), Terra (Earth) (Tree and Leaf), Sirene (Sirens), Stelle  (Stars), Vesuvio (Vesuvius), Mare (Sea).

The Laboratory is open every afternoon from Monday to Friday from 4pm to 7.30pm and by appointment.

Via dei Tribunali, 188, Naples. T: 3313360671

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