Two new stores for E. Marinella

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05 January 2016

A Pop-Up Shop dedicated to female elegance, in Naples, and a new store in London, at the Royal Exchange. “Naples comes first, but I’m still open to international expansion”.

One hundred and one years of business and Made-in-Italy exported throughout the world but also lots of new projects. Marinella is still ready for new adventures. Until January, E.Marinella’s new Pop-Up Shop located in Naples’ via Calabritto 24, will be entirely dedicated to the universe of female elegance with bags, shoes, scarves, accessories and fragrances. “I wanted to bring a new brightness to via Calabritto which, when I first started out, was one of the most beautiful streets in Naples – explains Maurizio Marinella, the king of ties – I decided to break with convention: when people talk about Marinella, the word tie usually comes to mind. However, we have always created items for women including scarves, shoes, bags and wallets, even though they have always been ‘cannibalized’ by our ties. This time we had fun experimenting. We’ve decided to give it a try until January, after which we’ll decide whether to take a different direction.”

Marinella has also just opened a new shop in London, the second expansion following his Maddox Street establishment in 2012. “A few months ago, we were offered the opportunity of opening a shop at the Royal Exchange, the historic centre of the Stock Exchange and commerce founded in 1565 and owned by the Royal family. I’m very proud of this achievement, another beautiful banner abroad for Marinella. London is the crossroads of the world of finance and insurance, everyone who counts is present there”.

And Maurizo Marinella still has a lot of projects in the pipeline. “In January, I’m set to establish the Marinella Foundation. My aim is to train people who are struggling to enter the job market. I’m offering the city an opportunity. Although projects targeted at globalization are important, I continue to have a very close relationship with my city. I have a deep love of Naples and strong ties with it that I wouldn’t want to break. Although Naples comes first, as does my family and my company, I am always open to the idea of international expansion”.

E. Marinella. Riviera di Chiaia, 287, Naples. T: 0812451182 www.marinellanapoli.it

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