Bottega dei sapori e dei saperi della legalità

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09 March 2016

In Naples, there is now a shop selling products grown on land confiscated from the Mafia: pasta, wine, oil and biscuits based on legality. The Neapolitan ‘Bottega dei sapori e dei saperi della legalità’ was founded in 2007 thanks to anti-mafia association ‘Libera’. Geppino Fiorenza, a former leader of Libera for Campania (the regional leader is currently Fabio Giuliani) and a member of the scientific committee of the ‘Fondazione Pol.i.s’, whose objectives include supporting the innocent victims of organized crime and promoting the assets seized from the Mafia, talked to Where about it.

«15 shops like this exist in Italy. This was one of the first. It is a place that has a strong symbolic meaning: on lands, buildings and houses where innocent victims were once terrorized or killed by the Mafia, we now produce biologically certified, high-quality products which are sold at retail prices. The assets confiscated from the Mafia are given on free loan to Libera and then managed by cooperatives who acquire the rights to them by participating in open public tenders. We sell all types of pasta, wine, jams, honey, biscuits, chili pepper, coffee and porcelain but also books about the specific issues dealt with by Libera. We also sell a ‘Pacco alla camorra’, a ‘Camorra-free  hamper’ containing the high-quality, organic products of Campania-based cooperatives that work the lands that once belonged to the families of Camorra bosses such as Zaza and Schiavone: with their products and their work, these young people deal a symbolic blow against the Camorra. And then we also boast important international relationships. For example, the British and German consulates have often used our products for official events. Furthermore, thanks to an agreement with the German tourist association Studiosus, over the past two years, we have seen the arrival of as many as 1,500 tourists from Germany. Tourists are fascinated by the shop: they are used to associating Naples with the Camorra while here they can actually see that everything is legal and above board. Come and visit us».  

La bottega dei sapori e dei saperi della Legalità. Via Raffaele De Cesare, 22, Naples. T: 0817643575

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