Naples Fashion Design

Published in Tips
05 April 2017

The side of Naples you don’t expect, about fashion and design. Guiding us through this journey Maurizio Martiniello, a trend-setting architect in love with his city.

Everyone knows who Gio Ponti was, a great Milanese architect, creator of the Renaissance of Italian design in the postwar period: when I invite my friends to Naples I always report them to the Hotel Royal Continental where they can stay in one of the 24 rooms of the Gio Ponti Floor, a sort of small museum to experience, which I wanted in the circuit of my Napoli Fashion Design event (3 to 14 May, Chiaia District, Naples).

You can find suspended furniture, extraordinary dressers with three drawers, embossed shapes, metaphysical toilets accompanied by a swiveling rotary mirror, walls equipped with large alternated shelves and embossed drawers, surfaces used as desks. It all started from the intelligence of Roberto Fernandes, who in 1953 turned to the great Gio Ponti asking him to design and decorate the interiors of the famous hotels on the Promenade of Naples. Ponti applied to the hotel designed by Ferdinando Chiaromonte, the principle by which “each piece of furniture, although functional, should also be of interest to the imagination of its designers and those who admire it. The used materials? Different types of wood, from the maple frisé, to elm, bleached walnut, striped mahogany, ash tree wood, light walnut rooted to the same root. In summary: vintage, comfort and elegance. All very Milanese, but in front of the Vesuvius!